Better Pricing for Your Wallet

Better Pricing for Your Wallet

For the quality of our services, Perfect Enterprize sets prices slightly below industry standards to fulfill our mission in providing start-up, struggling, and established businesses with affordable rates (this means all prices of services are negotiable and subject to change… in other words, we’ll do our best to work with what you have).

We grow our customer base by providing clients with creative and practical solutions (that add more value than competing graphic art firms) for well-priced projects due to reasonably low overhead costs, while ensuring superior customer attention. The pricing of the projects are typically estimated as a project-based cost based on the specific service provided and the approximate number of hours needed to complete the project.

But, have no fear!

Due to the downturn in the economy, many struggling businesses have dissolved before an opportunity can present itself to conduct business with Perfect Enterprize and most potential start-up companies do not have the means to commence operations or even employ our services. Therefore, our mission is to provide you with the most affordable prices for the highest quality of practical branding services and solutions that will have a positive impact on your business’ performance and sales, improving the economy one business at a time.

Making our system work for YOU

Perfect Enterprize evaluates all projects using our “Lowest Price Guarantee” system. This means, we bill for jobs based on one of three methods (appraisal value, hourly rate, and elemental worth) and whichever works out to be the lowest cost for you, that’s what we go with! For example, let’s say a website’s appraisal value is $1,500… the hourly rate to complete the site totals $1,250 (30hrs at $35/hr)… and the elemental worth (charge per page/element) of the site is $800… then we will bill you for the lowest of the three, which in this case would be an $800-Elemental value.

Does this make sense? If it does, then this should be the best thing since sliced bread – but for your business. But whether it does or doesn’t make sense, simply submit a request for a quote or proposal below for your business and we’ll lay everything out for you nice and easy. And don’t worry… we don’t charge for any meetings, whether it be the initial consultation to figure out pricing or a meeting just for you to see how things work or even a meeting for advice on what to look out for when choosing another designer or developer. Here at PE, we have a very open, honest, and fun working-relationship with all of our clients so you won’t ever feel pressured or cheated. Hope to hear from you soon!